Man Asleep Can You Hear?

One night when I was on a layover in Dallas I went to the sleep room where all of the other cargo pilots slept for several hours waiting for their next cargo load.  Usually I fell asleep quickly but something continued to bother me.  Thoughts were racing in my head and my heart was heavy.  I tried to ignore the thoughts but they just would not leave me alone.  So I got up and began to write and ten minutes later I was able to go to sleep.

Man asleep, can you hear?

I speak while you sleep, Hoping you will hear me if only in your dreaming state.

Man asleep, can you hear?

You have been caught behind enemy lines, bound and blinded by the enemy.

You have been put to sleep that you may not know the truth.

Man asleep hear my voice!

I want you to listen to what I have to say.

Son you are mine, I have never left your side.

You must escape your enemy; flee his land and run back home to me for I am waiting.

Waiting to give your heart back to you,

Waiting to restore your life,

Man asleep, please hear me!

I am desperate for you!

These are desperate times.

You see my army is short on men and I need you.

The war is raging on.

Man asleep can you hear?

I say the war is raging on and intense!

Son, listen to me.

Your existence depends upon it.

Awake now and take up arms against the enemy.

Fight for your life!

Only victory will bring you home.

Man asleep can you hear?

~Written by me in 2006.


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