Becoming a Leader

I was Listening to a sermon from Pastor Craig Groeschel today and it caused me to reflect on where I am in my spiritual walk. You see, I constantly worry about what others may be thinking about me. One of the things that Groeschel drove in during the sermon was that I cannot be a leader anywhere if I am too focused on what others think about me.  Why?  Because instead of being a leader, I am following others by seeking approval from them. I am following their lead. I am charting a course based on what I perceive they think about who I am.

Paster Groeschel asked

“Whats the problem” with worrying about what others think?

His answer:

“Pleasing people is idolatry.  In fact, becoming obsessed over what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you.”

Here is what the Bible says in Proverbs 29:25 about it:

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.”

So how is this relevant to my own spiritual walk and leadership in the church?  I need to speak of what I feel called to do and what I have been running from because of fear.  I am called to write.  I am called to speak and I am called to lead men.  But I don’t do this because of fear.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of being judged because I’m not “christian enough” to have any authority among men.  The scripture that speaks to me loudest on what my calling is can be found  in Judges 6:14:

“The Lord turned to him and said, ‘Go in the strength you have … Am I not sending you?’” (emphasis added)

He does not say to “go and prepare yourself”.  No, he is saying Go now in the strength you have and I will be with you.  I should have been teaching long ago, but feel tremendously under qualified to do so.  My purpose is to lead and to do this means putting my faith in God.  It means trusting that He has already equipped me with more than enough to do the job.  In fact, in closing I will repeat what Pastor Groeschel said over and over in this sermon series:

“It is less about you than you think”

It is about who God is in my life and how I submit to Him and allow him to do good work through me.

Link to the message referred to in this post:

Altar Ego Part 1


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