Writing and the Negative Friends

Writers block story

I want to write something that you will absolutely love.  So far I have had more false starts than you can imagine and many free advice givers would likely tell me that I should do something else.  I can’t get writing off of my mind which probably means that I should write.  The problem is that some of my friends don’t want me to.  Their reasons vary but the result is the same…for me to run away thinking that I could never be good enough.

One day when I was a young man, I ran across a kid named Confidence.  I saw his personality just a few times and I tried to copy it.  When I did it gave me bursts of successes.  It felt so good to be like this kid, even though I didn’t know much about him.  But a group of influential people were lurking not to far away.  They shouted to me one day after seeing me acting like Confidence.  One of them yelled, “Hey, do you want to be like everyone else or do you want to be unpopular like Confidence is?”  Despite the good feeling I had when I acted like confidence, I was much more like these other guys so they became my friends.

Mr. Writer’s Block is one of those friends.  He has been very effective in helping me come up with no ideas so that I can’t write them down and fulfill my desire two write.   I’d like to introduce the rest of my friends too.   Meet Doubt.  Doubt is a friend who never leaves me alone.  Doubt worries all the time that I will once again run into Confidence.  He explains to me there are an endless number of positive things which may happen to me if I meet that kid, so Doubt keeps me safe from him.  Doubt also works closely with Mr. Writers Block so that if he fails, Doubt is right there to tell me that the idea I am about to write down is not really good enough.  The others are Insecurity, Fear, Procrastination, his close cousin Ineffective, and last but certainly not least, Mr. Negative.   Fear’s right hand man is insecurity.  Fear is pretty good at his job in life and keeps his buddy Insecurity in line all the time since he can never decide which way he wants to go.  When they are around I am afraid to write.   Fear tells me that if I do write that no one will like it or someone might ridicule me.  Insecurity just whispers in my ear constantly saying that I’m not good enough so why bother.

Procrastination and his close cousin Ineffective are great teammates!  Really its quite awesome to see these two in action.  Like two soldiers looking after one another in battle, procrastination works the fields ahead of Ineffective so that he can be successful.  These two are very sneaky.  Before you know it they have laid the foundations of  getting absolutely nothing done.  Great role models!

At Last Mr. Negative.  If the other’s don’t get the job done in our group, this guy drives us all back to our center.  He has a very loud voice and his words are very persuasive.  Once I remember the guy asking me this question, “if it is hard being in the negative family where nothing gets done, then think of how hard it would be to be in the Confidence family where they are always getting things done”?  How could I argue with him, after all it seems logical.  Mr. Negative tells me that there is nothing worth my time over there with the positives.

These people have been instrumental in my life.  Very loyal friends.  They have been with me almost every step of the way so I find it very difficult to betray them and attempt relationships outside our group.

I have recently been spending more time with the Confidence family though.  It hasn’t been easy because all of my old friends keep calling, asking me to give them some time.  But when I am with the Confidence family I feed on their energy and want to spend more time with them.  When I’m with them I write and I love it!  The funny thing is that being with the Confidence family really isn’t all that hard.  In fact, its a much easier and rewarding life.  So I am going to be giving this new family much more of my time and who knows, maybe someday with their help I may be able to say goodbye to my old friends for good!


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