Should I Take This Call?

God Calling

Ring….Ring….Ring…God is calling.

Recently I began to write this blog to break free of a rut that I have been in spiritually.  As I have said in the About Me & the Blog section of this site, I have been called for quite a while to write, speak and teach God’s word.  Though this has been a vision and a calling for some time now, I have not yet acted on it.

Since I began this blog, I have had many opportunities to fellowship in the cockpit.  One opportunity in particular occurred while I was flying a trip out of our Houston base.  On this trip my first officer and I were able to share our stories with each other and have fellowship all because of one question.  It is a typical question of two unacquainted pilots headed to the overnight.  “So…what are you going to do in XYZ town?” he asked me.  So I told him about what I am doing with this blog and what my future vision is for it.  Based on many of the things that I told him that day, he looked over at me while en-route and he said confidently, “don’t be surprised if you find out that this is not the place you are supposed to be”.  He was referring to the airlines.  I don’t go around looking into people’s words searching for prophecy but his words matched what I have been feeling for quite some time now.  I thought they were interesting words coming from someone I had just met.

Fast forward a couple weeks following that trip and as I soaked in the hot tub at the hotel, my mind was at work.  I thought of all the things that I could do if I wasn’t stuck away from the family so much and the thought of leaving the airlines once again permeated my thoughts.  I have an opportunity for a new beginning flying for a company here in Oklahoma City, a job where I will be home nearly every night.  This will give me much more face-time with my family.  Something my kids want and my wife who is lonely desperately needs.

As my wife and I were discussing this big change in our lives, doubt crept in and began telling me of all that could go wrong…and then we went to church this past Sunday.  The message was on God’s calling.  “Interesting…this is a bit timely” I thought as I listened to him.  Our pastor spoke about how we tend to set limits on what God can do.  We tell him that we are willing to do this or that but only if it takes us so far.  The example he gave was when God was calling him to go into children’s ministry.  So he began to pray with his wife and they decided to set a thirty mile limit on where they were willing to go in order to answer God’s call.  Nothing happened.  No job in children’s ministries.  Then the opportunity came for him, but…he had to move to Oklahoma.  He lived in Tennessee and was not interested in leaving, especially if it meant going to Oklahoma City.  But that is exactly what he did.

It was funny during his sermon because he had a graphic up on the projector that showed two doors.  One door was wide open and the other was shut.  A person was standing in front of the closed door desperately trying to force it open.  The door was bowing inwardly toward the person as they tugged all the while an open door was just a few steps away.  That is the story of many of us.  That just may be my story.  I have all these aspirations, all these dreams that won’t go away.  Things that I think God has put there.  I have been trying to fulfill all of them while trying to stay exactly where I am and it’s not working out so well.

There have been so many coincidences in the past month leading to this point.  A point in life where I can be with my family more.  An opportunity to write, teach and become more involved with the church.  The tug on my heart is very strong and now the only question is whether I will decline or answer His call.

I will answer!


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