One Moment

One Moment

I was over at my mom’s house the other night sitting outside on the back patio having a deep discussion about God.  While sitting next to each other and just before I was about to show her some of the draft posts I have been working on for this blog, she shared the following with me.  It is something that could have come straight from my pen.  We are so much alike.  These words are awesome!

If you knew me
You would know that I am almost undone
Overshadowed with fear, regret, longing and uncertainty
I saw my hands tremble today and wondered if this was the moment that I wold loose my senses
So many words to speak
So many thoughts to speak and quiet, in silence
Praying for forgiveness and a new direction and yet still wanting to travel the same path
Relieved for prayers answered but not wanted
Not wanted yet wanted
Where is my courage
What is my desire
Words that can’t be spoken
Thoughts that can’t be shared
Feelings that are hidden and can’t be explained
On my knees and to the mountain
Only God can deliver me from this pain in my heart and spirit

Renée Painter


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