Journal from July 28 2013

This is a rare look inside my personal journal.

The following is a rare glance into my personal journal.  As I wrote these words I felt that I should share them.  But I could not share them last night lest I ruin the solitude that I had gained by shutting off this machine.  Enjoy!

July 26, 2013

Tonight I watched “The Hobbit” based on The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.  It reminded me of times past when honor, courage and dignity were valuable.  A time when one had to go out into the world to see it.  Amid all the noise technology brings into our lives is a faint call to shelter ourselves from it.  The call is faint because of the noise…because we choose that noise.  Distraction is the god of our time.  Where, oh where is the solitary places.  Where is our sanctuary?

July 28, 2013

I continue my thoughts from my last entry.  This night I spent the last hours watching another movie, “Lincoln”.  As I watched, I was reminded of the cost of all good and worthy things.  What I noticed was the resolve of a man guided by his principles and not by his popularity.  Another thing that I noticed in this movie that seemed to have been precious to Lincoln was solitude.  I know that this is an artist representation of what the Lincoln’s days leading up to the passage of the 13th Amendment might have looked like and I presume that this representation may be fairly accurate.  What was shown in the movie is that Lincoln valued time without company, without distraction, solitude.  Times when deep reflection was necessary and when important decisions must be weighed carefully, those times seemed to be the ones where this man (according to the movie) sought out solitude.

As I view it solitude is nourishment to our souls.  Something many of us rarely provide to ourselves.  Time alone, I think is not enough though.  I think time alone free from any distraction is the proper combination for the nourishment we need.   A time where we free ourselves from entertainment, from daily responsibility and tend to ourself.  The faint call I mentioned in my previous entry can often only be heard in the quite and in solitude.  Jesus also sought out such solitude when he faced his most challenging problems.

Tonight, as my mind wandered, I moved my body from my bed and to my desk with no computer in front of me.  In the quite dark office I sat, lit a candle, opened my journal and recorded my thoughts.  By candle light, with paper in front of me and my favorite fountain pen in hand, I enjoyed solitude.  I enjoyed for a moment what I imagine it must have been like to write in the dead of night hundreds of years ago.



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