Conditional Love?

This morning I was listening to a podcast where Ravi Zacharias was talking on the wickedness of the human heart.  In this speech he was telling a story where a wealthy man to whom he was talking, broke down in tears before him.  You see just moments before that breakdown, this man told Ravi a story about how he wanted to reunite with his wife who had betrayed his trust.  He came to her and told her that he forgives her and would like to put all the history behind them and rebuild their marriage.  He asked her to accept this and come back to him.  Her answer to him was that she needed six months time.  On hearing that, his heart was hurt, he wanted his wife back.  So he waited six months and when that time came, she asked for another three.  Their marriage never was mended.  She never came back.

As Ravi Zacharias was ministering to him about Jesus Christ, the man said “I just don’t like these conditions Jesus placed on his people.”  To that, Ravi responded and showed him that in fact what he did with his wife was right and that for the same reasons he did it to her, Jesus does that to us.  He said to him the following:

“Do you understand what you were doing was the right thing?  Not that you were making love conditional, but love is such a thing that without certain conditions it can never thrive and never prosper.

You cannot violate the necessary framework of a mutual trust and total commitment and you can’t just debunk it by saying its conditional. No, the conditions are built in to make this thing beautiful.

And thats what sin is all about.  It’s a violation of these very things that God has put in for your benefit and mine.”

Link to this podcast:  What Answer for the Wicked Human Heart Part 1


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