Subject to Revision


Tonight, just before heading into my room for the night, I am in my office reading a book “The Skeptical Believer”.  While reading, one paragraph in particular, caught my attention.  When speaking on the issue of truth or rather the question “what is truth”, the author commented that the answer to that question is “likely to be answered in many different ways, that the answer is less likely to be one enormous assertion and more likely to be a mosaic of many little answers, each hard-won, each subject to revision…”.

The part that really stood out was that our assertions were subject to revision.  How many times have I failed to commit to something on the basis of fear that I might get it wrong.  This fear of failing, of getting it wrong, often paralyzes me and prevents the learning that results from trying and getting it wrong.  When I let the fear freeze me, then I have failed.  What I should understand is that we make decisions using the best knowledge we have at the time.  If it turns out that a better decision could have been made, then we adjust where we can and get on down the road.

That is what creates success and sustains our momentum in this life.

P.S. This is a second revision to what I wrote tonight in my journal.


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