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40826_10200135643571113_311456475_n-1How does one begin do describe who they are when this is supposed to be about who Jesus is?  I am an average man who struggles to be more than just a Christian in name only.  I want to be more than luke warm.  I want to be like Christ.  That is the purpose that I am seeking for my life and for this blog.

I have a common background in my opinion.  The successes that I have had in my career is only because of God’s grace.  He tells me that I was made for a purpose.  I just haven’t found out what that purpose is.  At least that is what I tell myself despite a strong calling to do men’s ministries.  I am also called to write, speak and teach.  I actually know what I am supposed to do but I have my doubts about how I can do it.  It scares me to be quite honest!  I mean what strength do I have?  I love to write but my best writing comes when my head gets out of the way and I allow God to speak.

I cannot say in honesty that all the writing that I do and hope to share here on this site is God inspired.  Some of my writing, I believe, is God inspired and those pieces I think are self evident.  For sure though, all of the writing here is inspired because of God’s word and how it has touched me.

My hope is that through studying God’s word and writing here on the blog, I can share what I have learned.  Fellowship is important and for me it is the best way to learn.  To that end I would love to have discussions here with those who have questions about what I say.

I know that a large portion of my personal growth has been accomplished by reading what others have learned.  So my prayer is that perhaps I can help someone in their quest for more knowledge and provide comfort and encouragement to those who struggle to become true disciples in Christ.

So know that I have talked trying to avoid putting this out in the light for all to see, I must know put it out.  I am recovering from an addiction to pornography.  There I said it.  I am a christian trying to write about Christianity and yet I struggle to maintain purity in my mind and with my eyes.  My battle is being won a day at a time, but it is still a battle.  Sometimes I fail.  I wanted to lay it out there so that you know who I am before you follow.  I want to be free and pure.  I am being sanctified.  I believe that like David, who defied God and was in an adulterous relationship, that I can be used by God for a good purpose and be saved through His Grace.

As many of you do, I want to be holy.  I want to lay down my hidden secrets so that they no longer have power over me.  Join me in exploring God’s love and restorative power in becoming Christ’s Disciples.

So head over to the blog.

God Bless,

Christopher R. Painter


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