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The Bible: Foundational Knowledge (Prologue)

When I first set out to learn more about the Word of God by studying the Bible, to say that I was intimidated was an enormous understatement! Sixty six books! I did good to read a small book once in a great while let alone sixty six of the most hotly debated books of all time.

At first I started, as many do, trying to memorize verses. Not that doing so is the wrong way to go but that never satisfied my thirst for knowledge and never helped me understand the full message. Sermons are full of fragmented teachings from all over the bible and necessarily so in order to speak to particular subjects like how to deal with temptation.  Those messages are crucial and the verses are great tools to deliver the message. But for those of us seeking to really get to know the Bible, they do little.

That is the aim of this series. To gain foundational knowledge about God’s Word given to us through the Bible. I will do this through simple language. Deeper theological and philosophical discussions may be found elsewhere on this website as time moves forward, but there are people with a thirst to “get it” with respect to the whole Bible. That is what I am attempting to do here.

As in all study of God’s Word, I ask that you pray in your heart to God to provide you with wisdom. Though I pray that God is using me to give help to those who need it through my words, I am human and do make mistakes. As such, if something I say here causes any doubt, seek first God’s guidance and then council from wise friends.

God bless and my you find this a blessing too.

Chris Painter

(How to use this guide:  In order to remain focused on The Bible Foundational Knowledge portion of this site, go to the Categories drop down, find Bible Study and underneath that find The Bible Foundational Knowledge and click on it.  From there you will be able to select the book you wish to study.  Not all books will be there because I am currently developing these guides.  Currently I am working on Exodus)