This is Just Another Pathway to Find My Posts

(These are not necessarily in the same order as they were posted)


  1. Becoming a Leader
  2. Desperate
  3. Gaining Momentum
  4. March of the Unqualified
  5. Protect my life from the threat of the enemy
  6. Solitude
  7. Writing and the Negative Friends
  8. Joe White “Roman Cross Builder”

Bible Study

(The Bible: Foundational Knowledge Series)

  1. In the beginning was the Word
  2. The Bible: Foundational Knowledge (Prologue)
  3. The Bible: Foundational Knowledge (Genesis)
  4. The Bible: Foundational Knowledge (Exodus)
  5. Word Study: What it Means to be a Believer

God and Man

  1. A Pen Without a Writer…
  2. Conditional Love
  3. Do You Know Him?
  4. God Tests Our Faith
  5. Hamstring Stretches and the Faith
  6. How Inconvenient God is to the Sinful Nature
  7. Life Tree
  8. Man Asleep Can You Hear?
  9. My Life is Yours to Take
  10. Should I Take This Call?

Porn Addiction and Recovery

  1. A Little Boy Ensnared
  2. Letters from the Addict (XXX Church)
  3. Porn Addicted Husbands From a Wive’s Perspective
  4. Strung Out
  5. The Eyes of Man are Never Satisfied
  6. The Struggle of Sexual Sin
  7. Tormented Heart and the Narrow Pathway Home


  1. One Moment

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