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The Challenge of Leading Someone to the Truth of Christ

Today, as I was preparing for my first test the Introduction to Theology Program, I ran across a statement regarding our postmodern culture.  For those who do not understand the term postmodern, it espouses that there is no ultimate truth.  This thought methodology leads the culture into relativistic beliefs of truth.  In other words the postmodern would say, “what’s true for me is true for me and whats true for you is true for you, even though my truth may disclaim yours or yours mine.”

Here is the statement:

Christians today cannot work with the same assumptions that we did just 20 years ago.  At that time, people would join you in your search for absolute truth.  It is different now.  Today, before we begin to lead people to the truth of Jesus Christ, we may have to lead them to the truth of truth.  Common ground must be created before the Gospel can be proclaimed.  (Introduction to Theology, Credo House Ministries, 2011)

I think that as we move along in time, we should be educating ourselves in such a way that prepares us to face these types of challenges head on.  The truth of the statement was confirmed for me while flying at the airlines.  I would have many conversations with people about my faith and a higher percentage of the pilots I flew with had a postmodern, relative mindset.  Because of this, it was difficult to reach them with respect to the Christian faith.