What I Believe

40826_10200135643571113_311456475_n-1I believe that God means what he says in the Bible.  I reject all man made doctrines that introduce regulations for our faith.  Regulations that say you should do this or it is a sin to do that, when there is no clear evidence in scripture to support the rule.  I am fed up with theology that cheapens the grace that Christ gave to us and our responsibility to truly be set apart from the rest of the world.

Our culture is one that disregards what Christ really says and elevates excuses for why our behavior is acceptable to Him.  I speak chiefly of the culture in the Church.  I believe that when Jesus said the road is narrow, I don’t think he was speaking only to non-believers.  Rather I think he was speaking to those who claim to be something that they are not, he was speaking to those who today would call themselves Christians but who’s hearts are far from it.

Unfortunately I fall under the axe of my own assertions here and am not exempt from the implications.  Jesus has strong words about those of us who are lukewarm.  As much as I may try or desire to be otherwise, it stands that I am for now.  But far be it from me to allow myself to continue in mediocrity in my faith.


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